Schema Premium Big Update: New Features and Enhancements

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We are so excited to announce the release of Schema Premium version, which includes new features, important bug fixes, and great enhancements across the plugin code.

A special thanks for everyone who helped us to get this release out.


After updating the plugin, check plugin settings, flush cache, then test markup. make sure things looks alright.

Here are some of the many enhancements we’ve made in this release:

1- New types update

In the new version, we’ve added support for several types.

2- New Integrations with other plugins

We’ve added automatic integrations for these cool plugins:

3- New Settings Tab for Integrations

Schema Premium has compatibility with some other popular plugins, and few Themes.

Schema Premium Integrations settings

The settings page now reflect that, and allow you to have control over which integration you would like too enable on your site.

4- The included ACF PRO plugin

We’ve updated ACF PRO to the latest version 5.8.9 release.

Also, added new feature, now you can disable loading the included version of ACF PRO plugin within the Schema Premium advanced setting.

This has been added based on our members requests. Some users needed to deactivate the included ACF PRO plugin.

This feature is useful when your Theme or another plugin is loading ACF PRO.

5- New Schema Properties Post Meta Group

In version, we’ve enhanced the Schema Properties post meta group to give you more control over schema.og markup properties.

New Schema Properties Post Meta Group

We’ve added features and made modifications, for example:

  • Allow disable Schema Markup on specific entry or post.
  • Moved sameAs post meta to the main Schema Properties group.
  • Moved Video Object post meta to the main Schema Properties group.
  • Add Custom markup.

6- Custom Schema Markup

Custom Schema Markup

This could be useful for some users. You now can add custom markup in json-ld format created by example code, or by any generator.

7- Tabbed Schema Type Properties

Another cool option is; the new tabbed Schema Type Properties post meta group. We’ve updated the Article type with tabs to make things more clear to you.

Tabbed Schema Type Properties

Note: This apply for the type Article, we will continue support for other types in future updates.


Here is a full list of changes made to the plugin in this release.

= =

  • Fix: Enable Blog markup on plugin activation, update default settings.
  • Fix: Properties of sub-types were not pulled correctly.
  • Fix: PHP error when calling wp_parse_url function.
  • Fix: PHP notices across the plugin code.
  • Enhancement: Added support for WebPage: QAPage for Questions and Answers.
  • Enhancement: Added support for most LocalBusiness schema sub-types.
  • Enhancement: Added automatic integration for DW Question Answer plugin.
  • Enhancement: Added automatic integration for Co-Authors Plus plugin.
  • Enhancement: Added automatic integration for bbPress replies in markup.
  • Enhancement: Added author url or website check in markup output.
  • Enhancement: Added new parameter $author_id to author array function.
  • Enhancement: Added new functions to parse WP shortcodes from content.
  • Enhancement: Added new feature to allow adding custom markup.
  • Enhancement: Added new feature for tabbed Properties in Schema Types edit page.
  • Enhancement: Added new settings tab for integrations.
  • Enhancement: Added new setting for enable/disable markup on specific entry.
  • Enhancement: Added new setting for enable/disable loading ACF PRO plugin.
  • Enhancement: Added Arabic and English .po and .mo translation files.
  • Enhancement: Added link to edit schema Properties post meta.
  • Enhancement: Better functions to filter markup output in main types classes.
  • Enhancement: Better check for plugin loading order, load Schema after ACF.
  • Enhancement: Better placement for sameAs post meta, moved to tab in main group.
  • Enhancement: Better placement for Video Object Details post meta, in main group.
  • Enhancement: Admin notices functions and wording.
  • Enhancement: Check if ACF PRO functions exists before calling them.
  • Enhancement: Remove Post Formats if not supported by active Theme.
  • Tweak: Removed Article:General type from subtypes select list.
  • Tweak: Added class schema-premium to script output.
  • Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.8.9 release.
  • Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.4 release.

Check out the Schema Premium plugin, and make sure you upgrade to this latest release to get bug fixes and enhancements.

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