Configuring Schema Properties

Each type has its own set of properties that can be used to describe the item. A property, used to indicate attributes and relationships of site content.

Schema Premium plugin has support for several properties and allow you to customize it for your needs.

Note: We’ve introduced tabbed properties in version 1.2, but for the demonstration purpose of this documentation, we will use the non tabbed mode.

Schema Properties

Customize Properties Data Source

The Schema plugin makes it easy to customize the source of data for each Property by simply selecting it from the dropdown menu:

Customize Schema Properties Data Source

Properties Data Source Types

Thanks to the multiple options available for defining the data source of Properties, it’s easy to set each property value in your selected type.

  • Site Meta
    • Site Name
    • Site Description
    • Site URL
  • Post Meta
    • Post Title
    • Post Content
    • Post Excerpts
    • Post Permalink
    • Author Name
    • Published Date
    • Last Modified Date
  • Custom Fields
    • Fixed Text
    • New Custom Field
    • Use Existing Field

Properties : New Custom Field

When setting Property data source to New custom Field, this will create a new post meta field in page editor to allow you insert value manually.

Here is an example of Article properties in editor page.

In this example we set these properties to values to “New Custom Field”:

  • Alternative Headline property
  • Description property Article Properties Article Properties

The results would be something like this in your page editor:

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