Schema Premium & Advanced Custom Fields PRO

The Schema Premium plugin includes Advanced Custom Fields PRO (ACF PRO) plugin in its core, this means when you install Schema Premium you will have the latest ACF PRO version loaded to your site.

ACF PRO is included in Schema Premium


The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is a great tool to power your website, but did you know it can also be included within your premium theme or premium plugin?

ACF PRO: distributing ACF in a plugin/theme

We at, needed a stable tool to create and manage different types of custom fields (example: repeatable fields, date and time, star rating, …etc) to manage the complex data of properties.

So, we’ve followed the development of ACF PRO for over a year, and compared it to other popular custom fields creation plugins available in the market.

ACF PRO won the challenge! We decided to include it in Schema Premium core, and depend on it for creating custom fields across our plugin.

Schema Premium + ACR PRO

By using ACF PRO, we could create a very powerful configuration pages for types, these configuration pages are super easy to use and follow.

We also could speed up the development process, and allow other developers to extend the plugin in several ways beyond Schema Premium itself.

Enabling ACF PRO

If you have Schema Premium installed on your site, you can -indeed- use the power of ACF PRO to create as many advanced custom fields as you want, and do amazing things.

To enable and use ACF PRO interface, go to:

Schema > Settings > Advanced > Enable ACF admin menu?

Schema Premium Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

The “Enable ACF admin menu?” setting is set to “No” by default.

When you enable ACF admin menu, a new item in WordPress admin menu for ACF PRO will show, and you will be able to use the plugin.

ACF PRO menu item

What if I already have ACF or ACF PRO installed?

Since Schema Premium includes ACF PRO in its core, you don’t need to have the free ACF or ACF PRO installed on your site anymore.

If you decided to go with Schema Premium, you can safely deactivate ACF.

You will still can use ACF PRO through Schema Premium, and we will keep it up to date.

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