Schema Premium 1.2.6 Update: TouristDestination and TouristAttraction

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We are excited to announce the release of Schema Plugin version 1.2.6, which includes support for TouristDestination and TouristAttraction structured data.

Also, we’ve extended the ImageObject structured data, and fixed a couple of bugs.


After updating the plugin, check plugin settings, flush cache, then test markup to make sure things looks right.

Key Enhancements!

In addition to support TouristDestination and TouristAttraction structured data types, and extending the ImageObject markup, we have some exiting features in this release.

Schema Properties to show in REST API

In the last 1.2.5 update, we’ve updated ACF PRO to the latest version so we can bring the possibility of introducing property fields to the WordPress REST API.

Now, you can enable all structured data properties saved in post meta to show in REST API within the plugin settings, under the Advanced tab.

Show property in WordPress REST API
Enable property fields to show in WordPress REST API

Use Existing Structured Data

Now, you can use the structured data generated on any page as a static source of structured data for any property of your liking.

In the Schema > Types > Your Type configuration page, and for any property you can select:

  • Use Existing Structured Data

Then select the page or post you would like to be the source of this structured data.

Schema Properties Source Select Settings
Properties source of data based on existing structured data

New Custom Structured Data

This is a pretty useful feature and comes handy if you ever tried to override a property value with some more detailed structured data.

In the Schema > Types > Your Type configuration page, and for any property you can select:

  • New Custom Structured Data Field
  • Schema Property Custom Structured Data Field
    Setting property value source to a custom field.

    Then, when you edit your page, you will see an input field to insert your custom structured data.

    Custom Structured Data Field
    Schema Property custom structured data field

    Note: Make sure you always insert a valid JSON-LD structured data in this field to avoid errors.

    WordPress Audio Block Structured Data

    In this release 1.2.6, we introduced support for the WordPress Audio Block.

    You can enable this setting from Schema > Settings > Schemas > Embeds settings.

    So, if this feature is enabled; whenever you insert an Audio Block, the plugin will automatically generate structured data from the audio file and include it in the final structured data output.

    Extended ImageObject Structured Data

    We’ve also extended the ImageObject structured data with these properties:

    • headline
    • alternativeHeadline
    • uploadDate
    • dateModified
    • encodingFormat
    • contentUrl

    So, now… your images will have more detailed structured data.


    Here is a full list of changes made to the plugin in version 1.2.6 release.

    = 1.2.6 =

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix: Remove Place > geo property field if sub fields are disabled.
    • Fix: Schema error by unset review_author, and review property within FAQPage schema.


    • Enhancement: Added new feature to show properties show WordPress REST API.
    • Enhancement: Added new property field source from existing structured data.
    • Enhancement: Added new built-in extension to support Audio Block.
    • Enhancement: Added support for Place > TouristDestination schema type.
    • Enhancement: Added support for Place > TouristAttraction schema type.
    • Enhancement: Added styles for ACF textarea field which preview code.
    • Enhancement: Added language parameter to schema validator url.
    • Enhancement: Added id class to target locations fields in Locations field group.
    • Enhancement: Extended the ImageObject structured data.
    • Enhancement: Cleaned Place schema type from some empty properties. file for debug to console.

    Other Updates

    • Update: Renamed some files and updated file structure.
    • Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.11.1 release.

    Check out the Schema Plugin, and make sure you upgrade to this latest release to get bug fixes, enhancements and new features.


    After updating the plugin, check plugin settings, flush cache, then test markup to make sure things looks right.

    We hope you will find this update useful, and till next time.

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