Advanced Settings

This article provides a detailed explanation of each setting found in  Schema → Settings → Advanced

Delete Data on Uninstall?

Enable this setting will delete settings and other plugin data completely from your site when you Deactivate > Delete the plugin within WordPress plugins admin page.

Schema Markup Output

Select where you want the plugin to output markup. Default choice is set to Head. You can choose between:

  • Head
  • Footer

JSON-LD Output Format

Select the desired JSON-LD output format. Default choice is set to Minified. You can choose between:

  • Minified : white space compressed to reduce the size of data.
  • Pretty Print : more human representation of JSON.

Enable Test Schema Link in Admin Top Toolbar?

If set to Yes, a small icon button of Google Structured Testing Tool link will show in Admin bar. Default choice is set to Yes. This icon button will take you quickly to test markup on any viewed page.

Enable Properties Instructions?

If set to Yes, instruction will show under each property meta meta field. Default choice is set to Yes.This is useful especially if you are new to and Schema Premium plugin.

Enable ACF admin menu?

If set to Yes, Schema Premium plugin will show Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) admin menu item. Default choice is set to No This will allow you to use all the power of ACR Pro that ships with Schema Premium.

Schema Premium plugin comes with ACF Pro, learn more.

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