Schema FAQ Block Got Better Design and Automatic Markup Output

Schema FAQ

We are excited to release this Schema FAQ Block extension, version 1.2.4 comes with an enhanced design, performance, colors, and super automatic FAQPage markup.

We’ve added a useful set of styling features in the extension to allow you to modify text, background, and border colors of the Questions and Answers items.

New Block Settings for Styling

So, here is how the new block settings looks like:

Schema FAQ Block new settings

And, here is what’s in the Styles tab:

Schema FAQ Block Styles settings

FAQs Live Example

And, here is a alive example of the FAQ Block: (Try it!)

  • What is Schema FAQ Block extension?
  • Is Schema FAQ Block a stand alone plugin?

Also, check the FAQ structured data demo and view the JSON-LD markup output.

Automatic FAQPage Markup

This is the most wanted and main key feature in version 1.2.4 of the FAQ Block extension, it’s now has the ability to output automatic FAQPage markup.

The Schema FAQ Block extension will allow you to add FAQs anywhere on your website by using an elegant Gutenberg block called FAQ Block.

When inserting the FAQ block in a post or a page within the Gutenberg editor, the block will check is there is an enabled FAQPage type or any other type, and acts accordingly.

The FAQ Block will output FAQPage structured data in the page source code automatically.

  • Do the FAQ Block outputs an automatic FAQPage markup?

So, yes… It’s never been easier, drop FAQ block, fill questions and answers.. that’s all you need to get automatic FAQPage markup and structured data on your content.

Require Schema Plugin version 1.2.4

We changed the required version of Schema plugin to 1.2.4 since a few things has been added to this version to make it work properly with the extension.

So, make sure to update to the latest Schema plugin release.


This extension requires the premium version of Schema Plugin core version 1.2.4 and up to work, it’s not a stand alone plugin.

Check out the Schema FAQ Block extension, and have a look at the documentation.

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