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Schema Premium plugin framework packed with features for adding Structured Data markup in JSON-LD format, the most recommended by search engines like Google.

What is Schema markup?

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. So, Schema is not just for SEO reasons, it’s also for the benefit of the searcher.

What Schema Premium does?

Schema Premium is a plugin allows you to implement valid structured data markup in your WordPress site.

Key Features

  • Easy to use, set it and forget it, with minimal settings.
  • Quick settings Configuration Wizard.
  • Enable Schema types at once per target location.
  • Comprehensive Structured Data on archives and custom post types.
  • Valid markup, test it in Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Output markup in JSON-LD format, the most recommended by Google.
  • Integrates well with other plugins by reusing data saved in post meta.
  • Developer friendly, flexible and extensible.
  • Made for WordPress!

Supported Types

Comparison between Schema Free plugin and the Schema Premium plugin by supported types. supported typesFreePremium
Blog PostingYesYes
FAQ Page-Yes
Job Posting-Yes
Local Business-Yes
Software Application-Yes
Web Page-Yes




= =
* Fix: Event properties fields were not getting the correct values.
* Fix: Added missing jQuery ui icons for date picker field.
* Enhancement: Added support for new settings field type datepicker.
* Enhancement: Added support for lowPrice property in Product schema.

= =
* Fix: Fatal error when calling get_current_screen function.
* Fix: Fatal error when calling the Configuration Wizard classes.
* Enhancement: Added support Live Badge, publication property to VideoObject details.
* Enhancement: Added transcript property to VideoObject details.
* Enhancement: Reduce codebase by adding new function to get properties meta fields.
* Enhancement: Added more instructions to Article schema type edit screen.
* Enhancement: Added review and rating properties to LocalBusiness schema type.
* Enhancement: Added support for HomeAndConstructionBusiness as a sub of LocalBusiness.

= =
* Fix: Property fixed text value was not pulled correctly.
* Fix: Remove cssSelector property post meta field if disabled.

= =
* Fix: Added missing description property for Event type.
* Fix: Use correct time format from WordPress general settings in properties fields.
* Fix: PHP fatal error when enabling audio within plugin settings.
* Fix: Default image error, check if it is an external url before retrieving image sizes.
* Fix: Opening Hours array was not reflecting correct values.
* Fix: Property Fixed Text overrides values of other target locations.
* Enhancement: Put Schema Properties output functions in a separate file.
* Enhancement: Allow adding multiple post IDs in Location Rules.

= =
* Fix: error caused on heavy sites when retrieve terms.
* Fix: AMP pages markup, re-coded functions to work properly.
* Fix: PHP notices by checking if variables includes an array across plugin files.
* Enhancement: Replaced meta-tax class with ACF fields on taxonomy term pages.
* Enhancement: Make sameAs on term pages repeated field to allow adding several urls.
* Update: Pumped required PHP version to 5.6.20 release.
* Update: updated readme.txt file.

= =
* Fix: Error in Google Structured Data testing tool, remove keywords from Product.
* Fix: Notice when merging $schema and $properties arrays in types.
* Fix: Include plugin.php file when checking for active plugin on front-end.
* Fix: Screenshot property field sources and values corrected for images.
* Fix: Properties for specific subtypes was not added when a subtype is used.
* Fix: Minor style issue for ACF PRO fields.
* Fix: Remove Yoast SEO plugin schema markup for versions 11.0 and up.
* Fix: User roles on a network install was incorrect.
* Enhancement: Added support for Place.
* Enhancement: Added support for Accommodation and sub types.
* Enhancement: Added support for MobileApplication.
* Enhancement: Added support for schema, org WebApplication.
* Enhancement: Added simple integration and new settings for Rank Math plugin.
* Enhancement: Automatically configure schema for Pages and Posts on plugin activation.
* Tweak: Updated the Service:serviceType property description.
* Tweak: Make street address 2 and 3 disabled by default.
* Tweak: Modified user role label to Schema Manager.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.3.2 release.
* Update: corrected license.txt file.

= =
* Fix: Store type, it was calling incorrect name.

= 1.1.2 =
* Fix: Added missing lastReviewed and reviewedBy properties to WebPage.
* Fix: Special Page for AboutPage markup output, was not working properly.
* Fix: Post meta keys array was missing hidden meta keys.
* Fix: Properties set to existing post meta gets override by other enabled types.
* Enhancement: Performance speed check properties fetching.
* Enhancement: Added support for type Movie.
* Enhancement: Added CheckoutPage to Special Pages as a new feature.
* Enhancement: Added FurnitureStore type as a sub type of LocalBusiness.
* Enhancement: Added Attorney type as a sub type of LocalBusiness.
* Enhancement: Added Notary type as a sub type of LocalBusiness.
* Enhancement: Added DiscussionForumPosting under Article.
* Enhancement: Added new integration for bbPress plugin.
* Enhancement: Added new function to allow adding filters in Article subtypes.
* Enhancement: Added new function to check location target match for a specific property.
* Enhancement: Added new properties isAccessibleForFree and cssSelector.
* Enhancement: Added integration with Schema Reviews extension to accept_user_reviews.
* Enhancement: Added protected $parent_type to Article, BlogPosting, and Event classes.
* Tweak: Set Breadcrumbs Show Homepage setting to be true on plugin activation.
* Tweak: Modify the types drop list for Article to allow presenting sub-types.

= 1.1.1 =
* Fix: Service markup errors, removed author and review properties.
* Fix: Memory size error on heavy EDD site by removing extra post types.
* Fix: Bug in multi-check callback in plugin settings.
* Fix: Search function in Block Helper class to look inside internal blocks.
* Fix: Memory limit error when editing Schema > Type, saved meta keys in WP transient.
* Enhancement: Added new feature and settings for releasing Beta versions.
* Enhancement: Added new function to allow search recursive arrays in depth.
* Enhancement: Added new filter to override admin post types array.
* Enhancement: Added new filter to override post type archive markup array.
* Enhancement: Added new function to filters.php file to exclude post types meta keys.
* Enhancement: Added Default Image to post types archive single ItemList.
* Enhancement: Re-coded the updater function code and changed its name in main class.
* Tweak: Set higher priority 2 for markup output in head.
* Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.8.7 release.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.3 release.

= 1.1.0 =
* Fix: Bug in plugin license settings when entering bundle license key.
* Enhancement: Added support for WebPage type.
* Enhancement: Added support for AboutPage subtype of WebPage.
* Enhancement: Added support for CheckoutPage subtype of WebPage.
* Enhancement: Added support for MedicalWebPage subtype of WebPage.
* Enhancement: Added support for ProfilePage subtype of WebPage.

= 1.0.9 =
* Fix: Added @id property to logos array in publisher to stop repeated inclusion.
* Fix: Generate image object instead of image url in Organization logo markup.
* Fix: VideoObject return empty array when embedding non-supported video types.
* Fix: Added @type WebPage and @id to the BreadcrumbList.
* Fix: Typo in MedicalBusiness class name was causing an error.
* Enhancement: Added property image and @id for Organization type.
* Enhancement: Added function to retrieve image id by url.
* Enhancement: Added new function in breadcrumbs class to return JSON-LD array.
* Enhancement: Added property image to publisher.
* Enhancement: Added new extension for inserting VideoObject details in post meta.
* Enhancement: Added class helper for ACF blocks, and changed file structure.
* Update: ACF PRO to the latest 5.8.6 version.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.2.4 release.

= 1.0.8 =
* Fix: A typo in plugin settings.
* Fix: CSS for admin bar menu item padding.
* Fix: Duplicate function name in Rating extension.
* Enhancement: Add support for HowTo type.
* Enhancement: Added Review:itemReviewed schema types supported by Google.
* Enhancement: Display ACF PRO version in advanced settings.
* Enhancement: Added new admin bar menu item for Rich Results Test.

= 1.0.7 =
* Fix: Notices in Recipe class.
* Fix: Post meta notifications display even though properties are set.
* Enhancement: Load plugin first, this allow extensions to load after.
* Enhancement: Add support for FAQPage type.
* Enhancement: Add Schema in block categories, to be used by plugin extensions.
* Enhancement: Add parameter rows to text-area input fields.
* Update: ACF PRO to the latest 5.8.4 version.
* Update: EDD updater class to the latest 1.6.19 version.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.2.3 release.

= 1.0.6 =
* Fix: Make sure we are not calling functions statically in main class.
* Fix: Remove opening hours meta post from post type schema.
* Fix: Possible bug in schema properties fields.
* Fix: Error on AMP markup output for special pages (contact and about pages).
* Fix: Not able to override author name by mapping property field value.
* Fix: PHP warning in post type list class in locations target column.
* Enhancement: Added check and display notice if ACF or ACF PRO is active.
* Enhancement: Added gtin8, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14, and mpn properties to Product markup.
* Enhancement: Added new features and settings for breadcrumbs markup.
* Enhancement: Added new function schema_premium_rating_star to be used by extensions.
* Enhancement: Display message on new post creation, when post id is not available yet.
* Enhancement: Display message when property fields are not set to new custom field.
* Enhancement: Added new function is_edit_page to check if it is an edit page.
* Enhancement: Load properties fields in wp instead of acf/init on non admin pages.
* Update: Drop support for Google+ since Google is dropping it.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.1.1 release.
* Tweak: Set alternativeHeadline property field to disabled.
* Tweak: Added more description for Default Image setting.
* Tweak: Changed order of Schemas sub setting, put author before breadcrumbs.

= 1.0.5 =
* Fix: Review markup and properties mapping, also added missing description property.
* Fix: Article markup and properties mapping.
* Enhancement: Avoid errors by adding a check for Schema free before activating.
* Enhancement: Remove Ratings column by Post Rating plugin from Schema post type.
* Tweak: Corrected typo in Schema > Settings > Schemas > Breadcrumbs setting item.
* Tweak: Added new type for post id and rating stars to columns class.
* Update: ACF PRO to the latest 5.7.13 version.

= 1.0.4 =
* Fix: PHP notice in JobPosting additionalProperty, and LocalBusiness.
* Fix: Service markup.
* Enhancement: Added a couple of checks to avoid errors in VideoObject > YouTube.
* Enhancement: Added support for Person markup.
* Enhancement: Added markup by specific post id in location target post meta.
* Enhancement: Added review and aggregateRating to schema Service.
* Enhancement: Added support for category, keywords, and yield to Recipe markup.
* Enhancement: Added support for review and aggregateRating to Recipe markup.
* Enhancement: Added new settings tab for breadcrumbs.
* Tweak: Wording of custom meta key field in Schema > Type> properties options.

= 1.0.3 =
* Fix: Remove mainEntityOfPage from Product markup.
* Fix: Match @id and url properties in post type archives and terms.
* Fix: Links in license activation settings was pointing to wrong site.
* Fix: JobPosting markup was showing errors in Google testing tool.
* Enhancement: Added AggregateOffer support for Product.
* Enhancement: Added new fields to Product for highPrice and offerCount properties.
* Enhancement: Added new filters.php file for adding misc filters.
* Enhancement: append #product to permalink on post type product if found.
* Enhancement: Added markup by category in location target post meta.
* Enhancement: Allow disabling properties post meta fields.
* Enhancement: Added missing description field for Local Business type.
* Tweak: Removed property url from Product schema markup.
* Tweak: Wording and descriptions in a few files.
* Tweak: Renamed few plugin functions prefix.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.1 release.
* Update: updated readme.txt file.

= 1.0.2 =
* Fix: Review markup output even if no rating value provided or equal zero.
* Fix: Bug when truncating titles.
* Fix: Bug in Event Offer Valid From date field causing it not to save dates.
* Fix: LocalBusiness and Service (address, geo, provider) fields when set fixed value.
* Enhancement: Added support for SoftwareApplication markup.
* Enhancement: Added support for 20 Event sub-types markup.
* Enhancement: Added fixed price range select field.
* Enhancement: Added fixed price range select field.
* Enhancement: Added prefix for plugin constants.
* Enhancement: Added new filters to custom fields to allow accept user rating.
* Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.7.12 release.
* Update: Updated plugin updater class to version 1.6.18 release.

= 1.0.1 =
* Fix: ACF date picker field was missing the date format.
* Fix: PHP Fatal error when truncating long headlines.
* Fix: Opening specification hours for LocalBusiness night shift was missing.
* Fix: Image custom field return attachment ID, now return Image Object.
* Fix: PHP Fatal error on LocalBusiness class, in opening hours.
* Enhancement: Added support for Review markup.
* Enhancement: Added support for Recipe markup.
* Enhancement: Added support for Course markup.
* Enhancement: Added support for Product markup.
* Enhancement: Added support for Service markup.
* Enhancement: Integration of WooCommerce.
* Enhancement: Added new function to return array of types that supports author markup.
* Enhancement: Added new function to code duration time like PT1H45M30S.
* Enhancement: Removed the Official Free extension tab from extensions settings page.
* Modified: modified some file names.
* Update: updated readme.txt file.

= 1.0.0 =
* Initial Release


  • Kenneth Arnold
    Great Plugins With Outstanding Customer Support!

    I purchased both Schema Premium with the Schema WooCommerce plugins. I had some trouble with the configuration and contacted support. Within one hour Hesham answered my questions, solved our problems and had us up and running with both Plugins! Excellent, Outstanding Customer Support! I would highly recommend these two plugins!

    (Verified Purchase)

  • Michael Krautwasser
    Great plugin and awesome support

    I use the Schema plugin and the WooCommerce add-on. Both are very easy to configure. And if you need help, Hesham was very helpful with support.

    (Verified Purchase)

  • Jason Hartley
    Might As Well Be Pre-Installed to WordPress

    This is an essential plugin for SEO, especially now that Google requires structured data on your site. Not only do they require structured data, but they want it in a json-ld format, which, unless you are a developer with a ton of spare time on your hands, might as well forget trying to do it on your own.

    Upgrading was a no-brainer for our content marketing agency.

    (Verified Purchase)

  • Judit Sullay
    Site review

    I really like!

    (Verified Purchase)

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