Schema Premium Sneak Peek

Schema Premium Plugin

We are excited to announce that; soon, the experience you’ve had with our Schema plugin will take a new turn.

We can’t wait to hand you our upcoming premium plugin. It’s called Schema Premium, and we are sure you gonna love it.

Schema Premium introduces a new way to effortlessly implement comprehensive Structured Data markup in WordPress.

Plugin Objectives

  • Be easier to configure, get it up fast.
  • Give you control.
  • Super charge your site with markup.

So, let us take a look…

Easy Plugin Setup

You most likely had this experience with Schema plugin since we added the step by step Configuration Wizard feature, which walk you through the minimal plugin settings to get it up and running fast.

Quick Configuration Wizard

This same feature is part of Schema Premium, and more.

When you are done with last step of the Configuration Wizard, you will be given quick links for plugin settings, and the Schema types creation page.

Schema Premium Plugin Add New Type

Get Control over Structured Data

In Schema Premium plugin, you will be able to enable Structured Data almost everywhere on your site.

Thanks to the easy to use Location Targeting feature.

Schema Premium Target Rules

Super Charge Structured Data

Each type has a set of properties that can be defined to describe the item. You choose these values, and let Schema Premium do the rest.

Schema Premium Plugin Article Properties

Want to know more?

Check out our new documentation section of Schema Premium.

We can’t wait to see how Schema Premium will improve your experience with implementing Structured Data in your site.

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