Schema Plugin 1.7 Making The Experience Better

Schema Plugin Onboarding

Since user experience is extremely important, Schema plugin version 1.7 have been released with that in mind. If you are installing the plugin for the first time, then we invite you to use the new Configuration Wizard. You will be able to configure the plugin settings with ease following the step-by-step guidance.

What’s New in Schema version 1.7

We’ve added a few fixes and enhancements to the plugin. The main enhancements are:

Let’s get more detailed…

Plugin Settings page With Better Experience

The old settings page was a little messy and not really having the best order. It didn’t teach users enough about markup setup. So, we came up with a better settings page in Schema 1.7 to give our plugin users a better experience.

Schema Plugin Settings for better user experience

In the screenshot above, you will notice the button on the top which allow you to fire the new settings Configuration Wizard any time from the settings page, which comes pretty handy.

Settings Configuration Wizard Experience

Based on our plugin users feedback and requests, and following WooCommerce and Yoast SEO progress; we’ve adopted the awesomeness of the Woo Setup Wizard in Schema 1.7 release.

With no doubt! The new cool Configuration Wizard simply takes you through the process of configuring Schema plugin settings in a step-by-step process, which minimize your effort to setup the plugin.

This is really great, especially for users who’ve installed the plugin for the first time. Such on-boarding experience will make configuring the plugin much easier.

Configuration Wizard for better user experience

Probably, the Schema plugin was the easiest to setup among other competitor WordPress plugins. However, with these enhancements; configuring the plugin settings became super easy with the help of the Wizard and the new appealing settings page, it just make more sense.

Download the Free Schema Plugin from and try it yourself.

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