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We’ve released the new Schema Premium version 1.0.2, and want to share what we’ve added to this release, plus the bug fixes in the plugin code.

We appreciate the effort of everyone who took time to send us their useful feedback. They’ve been very helpful in getting this release out.

What’s new in version 1.0.2?

In Schema Premium version 1.0.2, several modifications and changes has been implemented in the plugin. Let us break it down for you:

Support for new types

We’ve implemented support for new types including:

  • SoftwareApplication to allow adding markup for content about Software.
  • Event subtypes markup: added support for 20 sub types, (example: BusinessEvent, ChildrenEvent, DanceEvent, SportsEvent, SaleEvent… etc.)

Prepare for accepting user rating

We’ve added new filters to custom fields to allow enabling cool features in the future.

We are developing a new premium extension that will allow you to accept user ratings on types with a simple selection, see example below:

Schema Premium custom field to allow accept user rating

Stay tuned, and follow our blog, we will share more about this soon.


Based, on new features and changes that have been made in the Schema Premium plugin, we’ve updated our Premium Docs with more details about:


= 1.0.2 =

  • Fix: Review markup output even if no rating value provided or equal zero.
  • Fix: Bug when truncating titles.
  • Fix: Bug in Event Offer Valid From date field causing it not to save dates.
  • Fix: LocalBusiness and Service (address, geo, provider) fields when set fixed value.
  • Enhancement: Added support for SoftwareApplication markup.
  • Enhancement: Added support for 20 Event sub-types markup.
  • Enhancement: Added fixed price range select field.
  • Enhancement: Added fixed rating field.
  • Enhancement: Added prefix for plugin constants.
  • Enhancement: Added new filters to custom fields to allow accept user rating.
  • Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.7.12 release.
  • Update: Updated plugin updater class to version 1.6.18 release.

Check out the Schema Premium plugin.

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