Schemas Settings

This article provides a detailed explanation of each setting found in  Schema → Settings → Schemas

General Settings

Schema → Settings → Schemas → General.

Schema Premium Settings for Schemas

– WPHeader

Enable this setting adds markup for the header section of the page WPHeader.

– WPFooter

Enable this setting adds markup for the footer section of the page WPFooter.

– Comments

Enable this setting to include comments in markup. Schema Premium will add commentCount and comment properties. The plugin will add comments that a page has received nested in the output markup using Comment as a value.

– Default Image

Specify a default image to be a fallback for missing Featured Images.

Schema → Settings → Schemas → Breadcrumbs

Schema Premium Breadcrumbs settings

A breadcrumb trail on a page indicates the page’s position in the site hierarchy.

– Breadcrumbs enable/disable

Enable this setting will generate breadcrumbs markup side-wide. It uses BreadcrumbList and will show on every page and archive when is possible.

The Schema Premium plugin will output only the markup in JSON-LD format. This means; you still need to output the actual HTML breadcrumbs that comes in the Theme you are using, or maybe via a breadcrumbs plugin.

– Breadcrumbs Show Homepage

Show “Home” in breadcrumbs.

– Breadcrumbs Homepage text

Change text from “Home” to anything else, example: your site name or brand.

Author Settings

Schema → Settings → Schemas → Author

Schema Premium Settings for Author

– Author Archives

Enable markup on Author archive pages.

– Author URL

Enable this will add author page url in Author markup. Keep disabled if you don’t want to expose author profile url.


Schema → Settings → Schemas → Blog

Schema Premium Settings for Blog

– Blog Markup

Select type for blog posts page, you can choose between:

  • Blog : If you have set BlogPosting as your main type for blog Posts.
  • ItemList : If you have mixed types of content on the blog.

You can disable markup on Blog posts page by leaving this setting to “Select Markup Type”.

– Categories

Enable markup on Category archive pages.

– Tags

Enable markup on Tag archive pages.

Post Types

Schema → Settings → Schemas → Post Types

Schema Premium Plugin Settings For Post Types

– Post Type Archives

Enable markup on custom post types archive pages.

– Taxonomies

Enable markup on taxonomies archive pages.

Special Pages

Schema → Settings → Schemas → Special Pages

Schema Premium Special Pages Settings

– About Page

Select the About Page from the dropdown.

– Contact Page

Select the Contact Page from the dropdown.


Schema → Settings → Schemas → Embeds

Schema Premium Plugin Settings for Embeds

– VideoObject

Enable VideoObject on embeds.

– AudioObject

Enable AudioObject on embeds.

– YouTube API Key

Enter a valid YouTube API Key to be used when pulling video details. You can obtain one from your Google Developer console (you must be logged in to Google account).

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