Schema Reviews

Reviews extension for Schema makes it easy for you to extend Structured Data markup output and have a fully functioning nested user reviews on supported types with only a few clicks.

Supported Review types are mentioned in Google documentation, you can view it here.

Enable Customer Reviews

Enabling customer reviews with a simple selection on Rating Value property:

Schema Review property Rating Value

Display Nested User Reviews

Nested User Reviews can be enabled or disabled on each eligible type, this enables your Customers to submit their reviews though a web form, and store it in user-reviews post type.User Review Example

Valid Structured Data

Using Google’s Search Results Testing Tools, you can make sure that your structured data is valid.

Schema Reviews Rich Results

Get Rich Results

With a valid Structured Data markup, and if your site is eligible for Rich Snippets, you may get the shinny stars in search results.

By having valid Structured Data for nested reviews, Google and other search engines may show review and rating stars snippets in search results.

Schema Reviews Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets in search results leads to higher click though rate, which means more traffic and conversions for your site.

Plus, the benefit of allow customers to submit their reviews, and get those reviews published and included in the structured data instantly.

Customer reviews are essential to building trust in your ecommerce stores and affiliate sites. Reviews has proven to improve conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Define Custom Rating Scale
  • Allow Guest Reviews
  • Automatically Filter Content to display reviews details
  • Display Average Rating
  • Display Rating Breakdown
  • User Reviews Submissions Form
  • User Reviews Management through native WP interface
  • List Reviews with ordering and pagination
  • Developer Friendly


Schema Reviews is an extension for Schema plugin version 1.2.3 and up. You must have Schema Premium installed on your website to use this extension.



= 1.0.1 =
* Fix: Rating breakdown post id parameter.
* Fix: Filter content to avoid infinite loop.
* Fix: Added missing bestRating property to aggregateRating.
* Fix: Added missing class to single reviews post.
* Fix: User review author details in markup output.
* Fix: User review author name was always displaying admin.
* Fix: Use email value from custom fields to present gravatar image.
* Fix: PHP notice on single user reviews page when filtering author url.
* Fix: Corrected update notices CSS classes to notice instead of update-nag.
* Fix: Reviews markup was not included in final schema markup output in some cases.
* Enhancement: Added new action to make global variable $user_reviews available in backend.
* Enhancement: Added priority 10 to schema_singular_output filter.
* Enhancement: Added new function for getting author details.
* Enhancement: Added post ID to user reviews global variable.
* Enhancement: Added more details to aggregateRating structured data.
* Enhancement: Switched rating breakdown from grid to table layout.
* Enhancement: Load plugin after plugins loaded.
* Update: Compatibility with Schema core 1.2.3 release.
* Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.7.1 release.
= 1.0 =
* Initial Release

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