Schema Reviews – Settings

The settings for Schema Reviews are found under Schema → Settings → Extensions → Reviews.

These settings will allow you to have control over how the Schema Reviews extension works.

Extension Settings

Schema Reviews extension settings

*A description of each setting will show if you click the “?” icon next to each setting title.

User Rating Scale

Adjust the user rating scale, the default value is 5.

it’s recommended that you use the default value 5 for scale, however some popular sites uses 7 or 10 rating scale as their base for user rating.

Review Show At Most

Define the number of user reviews to display in single entry, default is 10 reviews.

If user reviews exceeds the defined number, a pagination will show to allow site visitors to navigate through other user reviews pages. (see demo)

User Reviews Form Page

Select a page to be used to display the user reviews submit form.

User Reviews Saved As

Select how you would like user reviews to be saved, you can select between:

  • Published
  • Pending Reviews

Allow Guest Reviews

By default, Schema Reviews extension will allow reviews by registered users, you can allow guest reviews by enabling this settings.

Allow Multiple Reviews By Same Author

Usually, a single review is allow by a user on a specific entry. This setting allow you to enable accepting more than one review by same author on the same entry.

Filter Content

This setting used to automatically inserts and display user reviews elements on enabled entries.

Disabling this feature will stop content filtering, and will remove user reviews, so it won’t show on the site front-end.

Reviews CSS Styles

Disabling this removes all built-in Reviews CSS, and allows you to style the plugin output any way you wish.

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