Schema Premium 1.2.3 Update: Combined Markup, Speakable & Voice Search Optimization

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We are excited to announce our first plugin update in 2021 for Schema Plugin version 1.2.3, which introduces a better performance, Combined Structured Data, Voice Search Optimization, and other useful features.


After updating the plugin, check plugin settings, flush cache, then test markup to make sure things looks right.

Enhanced Performance

In earlier releases than version 1.2.3; the plugin used to do a lot of digging into a website, hence several extra database queries to bring the required structured data automatically and make it part of the markup output.

To reduce database queries and enhance performance; we’ve made several changes to allow caching some of the values that plugin used to generate it each time a page is called by a visitor.

Now, the plugin can pull the cached data with less database queries, which enhanced the plugin’s overall performance.

Support for Combined Structured Data

In the past releases of Schema plugin; there were a couple of ways to construct the structured data markup output to make possible to include multiple types on the same web page.

So, when you enable two types that targets the same page or content, the plugin outputs both markups in the source code of that specific page.

in other words; it generates two separate sets of markup, one for Google to choose from, or maybe combine them in search results.

See example from our website for structured data on our pricing page, which has SoftwareApplication and FAQPage structured data:

Combined structured data markup in Google search

You maybe able to view this example live here.

On version 1.2.3; we’ve added a new way to mix structured data types, it’s called Combined!

Combined Structured Data is a simple setting that can be found under the Advanced Settings tab, it allows you to switch between structured data types supported by the plugin.

Combined Schema Markup Types Settings

The plugin is set to Schema Markup Type: Separate by default, but if you select type Combined, you can get schema markup that looks like this:

Example of Combined Schema markup

When you enable two different types, for example Product and SoftwareApplication on the same targeted content, you get a combined single set of structured data with all properties joined.

Live Example

Check this page which includes a review of Gravity Forms as a software application combined with mixed properties.

That’s only one of the exciting features that came to version 1.2.3 of Schema plugin.

Support for Speakable Structured Data

This version introduces introduces speakable structured data, which allows you to identify sections within an article or webpage that are best suited for audio playback using text-to-speech (TTS).

Schema Plugin Speakable Settings


Here is a full list of changes made to the plugin in version 1.2.3 release.

= 1.2.3 =

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: PHP error happen when getting full content description value.
  • Fix: PHP error on Review:Movie type when trying to get actor markup.
  • Fix: PHP notice in CreativeWork class when using parent_type variable.
  • Fix: PHP notice in media function when fetching an empty $post->post_content variable.
  • Fix: Make sure to reset Breadcrumbs before calling it directly to avoid duplication.
  • Fix: Content target location transient got an empty array in some cases.
  • Fix: Set image min width to be 1200px following Google guidelines.
  • Fix: Corrected storageRequirements property label.
  • Fix: Corrected WebSite @id property.
  • Fix: Corrected author archive url and @id properties.
  • Fix: Corrected post id in author array function.
  • Fix: Changed plugin order to 5 so it can pick most post types from CPT plugins.
  • Fix: Integration with Easy Digital Downloads, disable markup was not working.
  • Fix: Target locations was not saved in some cases.
  • Fix: Added domain to availability and itemCondition properties.


  • Enhancement: Speed up performance by reducing number of database queries.
  • Enhancement: Added new feature for combined markup.
  • Enhancement: Added support for speakable structured data.
  • Enhancement: Added support for SiteNavigationElement structured data.
  • Enhancement: Added support for more Course properties.
  • Enhancement: Added support for ISSN in WebSite and Blog structured data.
  • Enhancement: Added acquireLicensePage property to CreativeWork type.
  • Enhancement: Added founder property to Organization type.
  • Enhancement: Added numberOfEmployees and knowsAbout properties to Organization type.
  • Enhancement: Added table-borderless styles to bootstrap css file.
  • Enhancement: Added new action fires right after settings update.
  • Enhancement: Added light integration for WPBakery Page Builder plugin.
  • Enhancement: Added name (alt) and caption to ImageObject.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to get an array of enabled schemas by post id.
  • Enhancement: Added new setting callback for nav menus select field.
  • Enhancement: Added new settings sub section for WebPageElement.
  • Enhancement: Moved ACF custom fields to its own category, called Schema.
  • Enhancement: Make address fields not required for easy of use.

Other Updates

  • Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.9.5 release.
  • Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.7.1 release.

Check out the Schema Plugin, and make sure you upgrade to this latest release to get bug fixes and new features.


After updating the plugin, check plugin settings, flush cache, then test markup to make sure things looks right.

We wish you a great year ahead and more success to your business.

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