Schema Premium 1.2 Update: Better Interface and Performance

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We are excited to announce the release of Schema Plugin version 1.2, which includes several bug fixes, enhancements, and new cool features.


After updating the plugin, check plugin settings, flush cache, then test markup, and make sure things looks alright.

Key Features

This version consider a major update, since it introduces a number of new plugin features, plus support for a wide range of types to rock your site structured data markup.

Let’s go through the main key features in this release.

1- Support for more types

We are excited that our Schema plugin now supports 200+ types, plus adding support for the main Thing, Organization, and CreativeWork types. Plus support for Book.

We’ve put together a page where you can view all supported types.

2- Enhanced Add Markup Interface

In this version 1.2, we’ve enhanced the interface for adding new schema type, this makes it more appealing and easier to understand.

Add New Schema type screen
Add New type screen

Now, with a step by step guidance, you can create and enable types across your content in a smoother way.

3- Organized Schema Properties Interface

Version 1.2 update includes enhancements in the way we present Properties in the back-end edit screens. Properties edit screen Properties edit screen

We’ve re-ordered and organized the inherited types within tabs.

This will give you a sense of how different types are structured, and help you find properties faster without having to do a lot of page scrolling.

4- More Integrations

We’ve added a light integration for WP Job Manager plugin, so our list of integrations has been increased in a try to cover most of popular and widely used WordPress plugins.

Schema Integration Settings
Schema Integration Settings

5- Enhanced Performance

The key features mentioned above, allowed us to enhance the overall performance of the plugin and make the back-end edit screens loads faster.

We’ve also been able to reduce the amount of code in plugin files by having more reusable functions.


Here is a full list of changes made to the plugin in version 1.2 release.

= 1.2 =

  • Fix: Markup warning for sameAs property.
  • Fix: PHP notice in author extension and setup wizard.
  • Fix: PHP notice when calling comments markup function.
  • Fix: PHP notice when post id is not set on some edit screens.
  • Fix: Exclusion rules for post ID, and post categories.
  • Fix: General tab key and id was misspelled.
  • Fix: Error due to conflict function name, changed to sp_is_edit_page.
  • Fix: Warnings in VideoObject extension, added contentUrl and embedUrl properties.
  • Fix: Duplicate markup when checking post categories.
  • Enhancement: Added support for Thing.
  • Enhancement: Added support for CreativeWork.
  • Enhancement: Added support for Organization.
  • Enhancement: Added support for Book, and its subtype Audiobook.
  • Enhancement: Added support for SocialMediaPosting subtypes.
  • Enhancement: Added new options page for creating schema types.
  • Enhancement: Added new integration for WP Job Manager plugin.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to return supported types.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to return an array of available countries.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to retrieve attachment url from id.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to get address markup.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to subtract words by a number of characters.
  • Enhancement: Added new function to force remove shortcodes from description.
  • Enhancement: Added new feature to fix local server urls when testing.
  • Enhancement: Added new filter schema_location_rules.
  • Enhancement: Added new filter schema_add_to_properties.
  • Enhancement: Added new filter schema_post_type_archive_enable.
  • Enhancement: Added link to Schema post type in edit screen.
  • Enhancement: Added dashicon and conditional_logic parameters to property tabs.
  • Enhancement: Added discussionUrl property.
  • Enhancement: Added missing translations and instructions for VideoObject extension.
  • Enhancement: Added links for specific posts and pages in schema columns page.
  • Enhancement: Do not store schema type comment in post meta.
  • Enhancement: Allow disabling Price Range property field.
  • Enhancement: Moved BlogPosting file under SocialMediaPosting sub folder.
  • Enhancement: Switched all @context urls to https.
  • Enhancement: Switched gravatar urls to https.
  • Enhancement: Schema types properties has its own function for ACF fields.
  • Enhancement: Make sure Thing and CreativeWork classes loads earlier.
  • Enhancement: Allow priceRange example $10-20 in fixed values and post meta.
  • Enhancement: Speed up queries in back-end when getting all post meta keys.
  • Enhancement: Re-order settings admin menu item.
  • Enhancement: Reduced code base by making use of reusable functions.
  • Enhancement: Modified some wording in back-end to make it more informational.
  • Update: Updated ACF Pro to version 5.9.1 release.
  • Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.5.1 release.


After you update the plugin, check Schema Types and make sure properties are setup correctly, then delete or flush cache if you are caching your site to reflect changes.

Check out the Schema Plugin, and make sure you upgrade to this latest release to get bug fixes and new features.

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