Schema Premium 1.0.7 Gets FAQPage & More ACF Power

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Today, we’ve released Schema Premium version 1.0.7, which includes fixes and enhancements, plus more awesomeness from the ACF PRO plugin version 5.8.4, now it ships with the power of Gutenberg blocks .

What’s new in version 1.0.7?

In Schema Premium version 1.0.7, few enhancements has been implemented for markup, including two main updates:

  • Added support for FAQPage markup
  • Upgraded ACF PRO plugin to version 5.8.4

Added support for FAQPage markup

We’ve been asked to add this, so now the plugin support FAQPage markup. It will allow you to markup FAQ pages on your website, and probably get enhanced search results (Rich Snippets) for FAQ.

Upgraded ACF PRO to version 5.8.4

We’ve upgraded ACF PRO (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin to the latest version available 5.8.4 at the time of releasing this update.

This version of ACF has a lot of power, this should help on making Schema Premium better. One of these features is the ability to create Gutenberg block, and make use of that to markup blocks. This mostly will be the job of plugin extensions, which we plan to release in the future.


= 1.0.7 =

  • Fix: Notices in Recipe class.
  • Fix: Post meta notifications display even though properties are set.
  • Enhancement: Load plugin first, this allow extensions to load after.
  • Enhancement: Add support for FAQPage type.
  • Enhancement: Add Schema in block categories, to be used by plugin extensions.
  • Enhancement: Add parameter rows to text-area input fields.
  • Update: ACF PRO to the latest 5.8.4 version.
  • Update: EDD updater class to the latest 1.6.19 version.
  • Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.2.3 release.

Check out the Schema Premium plugin, and make sure you upgrade to this latest release.

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