Schema Premium version 1.0.5 Prepare for Accepting User Rating

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We’ve released Schema Premium version 1.0.5, which includes fixes and enhancements, plus preparing for accept user rating which will be done via Schema Rating extension.

What’s new in version 1.0.5?

In Schema Premium version 1.0.5, several enhancements has been implemented for markup, including Review and Article.

Prepare for accept user rating

This exciting feature will be introduced in Schema Rating extension. We’ve done a few changes to make sure you will have a smooth experience when you get your hand on Schema Rating.

The new feature allow adding new property option to be used by extensions.

Schema Rating property value
Accept User Rating

The Schema Rating extension will require this version of Schema Premium. So, please make sure to keep the plugin up to date.


= 1.0.5 =

  • Fix: Review markup and properties mapping, also added missing description property.
  • Fix: Article markup and properties mapping.
  • Enhancement: Avoid errors by adding a check for Schema free before activating.
  • Enhancement: Avoid errors by adding a check for Schema free before activating.
  • Enhancement: Remove Ratings column by Post Rating plugin from Schema post type.
  • Tweak: Corrected typo in Schema > Settings > Schemas > Breadcrumbs setting item.
  • Tweak: Added new type for post id and rating stars to columns class.
  • Update: ACF PRO to the latest 5.7.13 version.

Check out the Schema Premium plugin, and make sure you upgrade to this latest release.

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