Schema Premium version 1.0.3 Fixes Markup and Enhancements

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We’ve released the new Schema Premium version 1.0.3, which covers fixes for LocalBusiness, JobPosting, and Product markups.

What’s new in version 1.0.3?

In Schema Premium version 1.0.3, several modifications and changes has been done, mostly enhancements for markup.

So, make sure to keep the plugin up to date.


We’ve updated our Premium Docs with more details about:


= 1.0.3 =

  • Fix: Remove mainEntityOfPage from Product markup.
  • Fix: Match @id and url properties in post type archives and terms.
  • Fix: Links in license activation settings was pointing to wrong site.
  • Fix: JobPosting markup was showing errors in Google testing tool.
  • Enhancement: Added AggregateOffer support for Product.
  • Enhancement: Added new fields to Product for highPrice and offerCount properties.
  • Enhancement: Added new filters.php file for adding misc filters.
  • Enhancement: append #product to permalink on post type product if found.
  • Enhancement: Added markup by category in location target post meta.
  • Enhancement: Allow disabling properties post meta field.
  • Enhancement: Added missing description field for Local Business type.
  • Tweak: Removed property url from Product schema markup.
  • Tweak: Wording and descriptions in a few files.
  • Tweak: Renamed few plugin functions prefix.
  • Update: Pumped tested WordPress version to 5.1 release.
  • Update: updated readme.txt file.

Check out the Schema Premium plugin, and make sure you upgrade to the latest release.

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