Sneak Peek: Local Business Extension for Schema Plugin

Schema for Local Business

We are getting close to release a new Local Business extension for Schema plugin to join our premium collection of extensions soon.

The new extension will focus on Local Business structured data as well as delivering some useful and informative editorial blocks for webmasters and website developers/designers to display business information in an elegant way.

Structured Data for Local Business

The Schema Local Business extension will allow you to extend Organization structured data, and add more comprehensive details about your business.

These new informative data about your business will be included in the markup output and delivered to search engines, like Google.

For best SEO results

We believe it’s not enough to list all of the locations on a single page. Each location needs its own page.

So, we have coded this extension in a way to make it possible to have a separate page for each department or store location via a custom post type.

Some of the Features

Let me give you a quick overview of some of the cool features that ships with Local Business extension for Schema Plugin.

Schema local business settings view
  • Add multiple unlimited business departments.
  • Most detailed structured data including:
    • General details
    • Media (Logo and Images)
    • Location (address and maps)
    • Business Hours
    • sameAs
  • Blocks
    • Business Card
    • Business Locator

Multiple Local Business Departments?

No problem! The extension allow you to enable multiple local business departments via a special custom post type called “Departments”.

The Departments post type will allow you to create a specific page for each business department, then you can display business information on these pages using blocks.

Schema local business departments post type

These features can be turned on/off based on your needs.

Business Card Block

The Business Card block that comes with Schema Local Business extension allows you to list business details on any page on your website.

Schema local business card in editor

This will result to display the business card on the front-end like this:

Schema local business card block display

As you can see from the screenshot above, the Business Card holds a set of useful details which can be shown for any selected business department entry.

Business Locator Block

Schema Local Business extension comes with a Locator Block for Gutenberg editor which allows you to display all of your business or store locations on a single Google map.

Schema store locator block

This new Business Locator block will allow you to display your business departments locations anywhere on any page of your website.

Here is an example of how it will look like on the front-end:

Schema Store Locator

Getting ready for release

Stay tuned for the release time!

We are finalizing the extension code, download files, and documentation pages to get it ready for final release in our extensions store.

If you are an All Access Pass License holder with an active license, then you will gain access to this extension at no extra charge.


This extension requires Schema Premium core plugin version 1.2.1 and up to work, it’s not a stand alone plugin.

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