Introducing Schema Premium Plugin for WordPress

Schema Premium Licenses

We are so very excited to introduce our first premium plugins, we call it Schema Premium, and it’s awesome! Why?!

Because it can solve the problem of implementing valid markup to WordPress in many ways and levels, thanks to its powerful user-friendly interface and great flexibility.

How Schema Premium is different?

We already have a free Schema plugin that got 50,000+ WordPress sites covered during the last three years, and it’s doing pretty well in terms of implementing markup to WordPress!

So, are we just developing another plugin with premium features? Or is it the same free plugin with more added features?

The answer is… No!

Schema Free VS Schema Premium

Schema free focuses on adding markup to a basic WordPress setup following the template hierarchy.

For example; it takes care of schema:Article markup for Pages, schema:BlogPosting markup for Posts, and several other parts of posts hierarchy.

However, it doesn’t seem to fulfill everyone’s needs, hence it doesn’t work for everyone. Especially the group of Internet Marketers and SEOs who often need:

So, here comes Schema Premium…

We’ve actually developed Schema Premium from scratch. It’s not really a premium version of our free plugin, also it’s not the same plugin topped with some extra features.

We adopted the main idea, took all the goodness we’ve seen in user feedback, and translated all of that into a powerful yet flexible solution.

Who should use it?

Schema Premium plugin works for everyone, including both:

  • Novice users who are new to world.
  • Experienced professional SEO’s who’s seeking control of every little aspect of markup on their client’s sites.

What about developers?

We haven’t forgotten developers -including ourselves- who may need to extend the plugin core functionality and make it do more beautiful things.

In the free Schema plugin, we used a filter to add support for new types and override the markup output.

We’ve changed that a bit in Schema Premium to make it easier to implement and more understandable. We imagined this should be done with PHP O.O.P.

Developers can load a new PHP class that includes definition of the desired type, properties, and how the final output of JSON-LD markup should look like.

This quick example gist show you how simple it is to add support for a new type in Schema Premium plugin.

Plugin Documentation

We’ve put together a quick start documentations to walk you through configuring and using the plugin. We are looking forward to extend it with more details and tutorials as we go.

Check it out!

If you are looking for great tools to help you implement to WordPress sites, working in the Internet Marketing field, or you are a SEO specialist…

We invite you to join us and give Schema Premium a spin.

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