Schema Rating

By far, the Schema Rating extension provides the most powerful and easy way to add user rating stars functionality to your Schema Premium powered site. It also automatically adds the necessary Structured Data markup for supported types, and -if your site is eligible- get you rich snippets in search results as per to Google’s guidelines.

The really good thing about Schema Rating extension is that is hooks into Schema premium with a simple choice. This will allow you to have full control over user ratings.

Also, a simple log has been included in Schema Rating, this will log every user rating that has been submitted, and let you have overview of who rated your content or items.

Read the extension documentation for more details.

Key Features

  • Integrate with Schema Premium.
  • Add user rating star via filtering content.
  • Add user rating star view shortcode.
  • Display rating breakdown.
  • Modify templates by adding template file to theme.
  • Log user ratings details for reports.


Schema Rating is an extension for Schema Premium version 1.0.6 and up. You must have Schema Premium installed on your website to use this extension.


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