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Schema plugin has an easy way to override some of the markups output, you can enable post meta box for adding new values, or even get values of post meta created by other WordPress plugins of by your Theme.

Since the Schema plugin generate markup automatically based on your site content and using some WordPress core functions to get values, which makes this plugin super easy to use. However, the end result may not be the best. You might -for example- want to provide a specific headline or description for an Article, uniqueness simply wins!

The good news is, you can do just that in a few easy steps. Also, this feature is extensible, means that developers can extend it to introduce new field types, which can be used to integrate with other plugins.

Use Post Meta Feature to Override Schema Markup

Enable Post Meta Generator

To enable Post Meta feature, within the Schema type edit screen, tick the checkbox where it says Post Meta.

Schema plugin enable post meta creator

This will show a new post meta box that has repeatable fields creation functionality to allow you create an many fields as you like.

Schema plugin post-meta creator

Override Defaults

There are a few predefined Filters that can be overridden:

  • Author Name
  • Headline
  • Description

You can easily create new post meta fields for it in your post editor.

Example: Here is an example on how to use the Post Meta Generator.

Use data from other plugins

You can make an excellent use of this feature, especially that you can use post meta values created and saved by other plugins, you just need to know which post meta Key to use.

Inspect Post Meta Keys and Values

The most easy way to discover post meta Keys and stored Values is to install and activate one of these free plugins:


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