Schema Plugin Onboarding

The Schema plugin has a step-by-step Configuration Wizard that will help you setup and configure the plugin settings. It’s an easy setup wizard that you will find useful, especially when you install the plugin for the first time.

The wizard was first introduced in version 1.7

Where can I find the Schema configuration wizard?

We’ve added a couple of places in the back-end where you can find the wizard.

In the welcome page

If you are installing Schema plugin for the first time, most likely you will be taken to the plugin Welcome page, we’ve placed a button for firing the wizard in that page.

Schema Configuration Wizard

In the plugin settings page

Another spot to find the wizard is in the plugin settings page itself. Practically, you can fire the wizard and use it any time you want.

Schema Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard

Once you click on the Quick Configuration Wizard button, it will fire a page with a step-by-step panel that will guide you though configuring basic plugin settings.

Schema plugin configuration wizard welcome

Firstly, you will see a simple Welcome screen, hit the “Let’s Go” button, or cancel to return to the plugin settings page.