Schema plugin getting started guides and documentation

Getting Started

Schema Plugin Onboarding

Configuration Wizard

The Schema plugin has a step-by-step Configuration Wizard that will help you setup and configure the plugin settings. It’s an easy setup wizard that you will find useful, especially when you install the plugin for the first time. The wizard was first introduced in version 1.7 Where can I find the Schema configuration wizard? We’ve …

Schema plugin post meta

Schema Type Post Meta Generator

Schema plugin has an easy way to override some of the markups output, you can enable post meta box for adding new values, or even get values of post meta created by other WordPress plugins of by your Theme. Since the Schema plugin generate markup automatically based on your site content and using some WordPress …

Schema Post Types Settings

Schema Types

By default, and once you install the Schema plugin on your WordPress site, it will create two entries for “Post” and “Page” post types under the Schema > Types section. Schema Types section is a special custom post type that is used to create and save types to be used by the Schema plugin to markup your …

Schema Settings

Schema Plugin Settings Page

After you install Schema plugin on your WordPress site, you will need to do a couple of extra steps to configure the plugin settings, this is pretty simple steps and you only got to do it once. Don’t forget to try out our Configuration Wizard, which will simplify setting up the plugin. Schema Plugin Settings …

install Schema plugin for WordPress

Install Schema Plugin

Generally; the Plugin installation is a straight-forward process. In most cases it is enough to upload the plugin under the wp-content/plugins directory for the WordPress installation and activate it from the administrator backend. Installing Schema plugin can be done just like any other WordPress plugin, you can install the plugin within the the WordPress admin or via FTP. Here is …

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