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Code Snippets

Modify The Author Schema Markup

If you would like to modify the Author markup in the Schema plugin, you can make use of this code snippets, which allow you to filter the Author schema markup output. Filter schema_wp_author Note: Author markup shows in schema:Article type and its sub types. Example Code #1 Here is an example of how to remove …

Remove Blog Schema Markup

This code snippet will remove the markup for Blog on the site home page. Remove Blog Markup on Home Page You can add this code to your Theme’s functions.php file. View the code on Gist.  

Truncating Headlines Length in Schema Markup

If you would like to truncating Headline schema property output, there is a filter included in Schema plugin that will allow to do so. We’ve included two examples of how to truncate Headlines by words count, or number of characters. Truncating Headlines by words count You can add this code to your Theme’s functions.php file. View …

Disable CollectionPage Schema on Categories or Tags

The Schema plugin generates and outputs CollectionPage markup automatically on WordPress Categories and Tags pages. In some cases you would want to disable this feature on your site. If you would like to disable or remove the CollectionPage markup on your site, you can use this code snippets: View the code on Gist. Note: …

Disable Breadcrumb JSON-LD Output

In some cases; you would want to disable Schema breadcrumb json-ld output. There are other plugins that outputs breadcrumbs, especially those with specific functionality like a Store or Events, these plugin tends to output their own breadcrumbs in specific sections. For example; if you are running WooCommerce plugin on your site and do not want …

Extend / Override JSON-LD Output

In many cases, you will want to extend or override Schema plugin output, the ideal way is to use built-in available filters to do so. One of the most important filters in Schema plugin is the schema_output filter. Here is an example code: There are many flexibility in this code since it allow you to modify …

Adding Support for New Types

You can add support for new types by overriding the schema markup output. Luckily, the Schema plugin has a filter to for that. Here is an example of how to do so, simply add this code to your theme’s functions.php file: You can add any type of, however… You will need to create …

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