Yoast SEO

Schema Premium has built-in integration with Yoast SEO plugin, which control the way both plugins acts together.

This integration allows you to replace schema.org markup generated by Yoast SEO with the generated markup by Schema Premium plugin.

Why this integration is useful?

There are a few intersections between Schema Premium and Yoast SEO, where both plugins generates and outputs -almost- identical schema.org markup.

This will lead to multiple nodes represent the same entity on the page, which isn’t useful and may confuse search engines like Google when indexing the site pages.

Search engines may pick the markup that wasn’t meant to be delivered to search engines.

So, the integration we’ve added to Schema Premium will help you avoid this issue and have control over the schema.org markup output.

Integrate with Yoast SEO

Integrating between Schema Premium and Yoast SEO is pretty easy and straightforward.

There are two things to look at:

Schema Integrations Settings

When you install Schema Premium, it will look for Yoast SEO plugin to see if it’s installed and activated on your site.

If Yoast SEO found to be installed and activated, Schema Premium will automatically deal with Yoast SEO plugin markup output, and try to disable it so you won’t have a duplicate markup:

This setting is enabled by default. When enabled; Schema Premium will turn off features that Yoast SEO provides, so there will be no duplicates in the markup output.

Note: You may leave this setting Enabled to allow Schema Premium to take care all schema.org on your site.

Mapping Custom Fields

You can use these values in the Schema Premium markup output by setting property field to Use Existing Field and look for these custom fields:

Another way to both plugins can integrate together is by mapping schema custom fields with values saved in Yoast SEO Title and Yoast SEO Description post meta.

  • _yoast_wpseo_title
  • _yoast_wpseo_metadesc

Here is an example of how to set properties values for Title and Description:

Mapping custom fields values

Once you save changes you made to your Schema Type, the plugin will use values saved in Yoast SEO title and description fields in the markup output.

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