Schema Premium has built-in integration with WooCommerce plugin, which control the way both plugins acts together.

This integration allows you to replace schema.org markup generated by WooCommerce with more valid and complete markup generated by Schema Premium plugin.

However, the integration isn’t 100% complete, some properties can not be mapped due to how WooCommerce stores Product data.

For better results use the Schema for WooCommerce extension.

Integrate with WooCommerce

Integrating between Schema Premium and WooCommerce is pretty easy and straightforward.

The only thing you need to do is to create a new schema.org Product type and map custom fields to get its data from WooCommerce saved data.

Schema Type Configurations

Here is an example of your schema.org type should look like:

Mapping schema.org properties from WooCommerce plugin
Mapping properties from WooCommerce in Schema > Type > Product

1- Target Location Rules

Schema Premium target location for Product markup

As you see in the screenshot above, this is a simple Product schema.org type that is meant to work on custom post type Product, which is registered by WooCommerce.

Set Target Location Rules to Post Type > Products

2- Product Properties

Schema Premium and WooCommerce post meta mapping

Set Product properties values like this:

  • SKU: Using Existing Field > sku
  • Currency: Fixed Text > USD (change that to your store currency)
  • Price: Using Existing Field > price
  • Availability: Using Existing Field > stock status
  • Rating Value: Using Existing Field > wc average rating
  • Review Count: Using Existing Field > wc review count

3- Products Archive / Store

You can enable schema.org markup on custom post type archives within the Schema Premium plugin settings page.

Schema → Settings → Schemas → Post Types

Schema Premium Post Types Settings
Post Types Settings

If you enable this setting, Schema Premium will output schema.org markup on Products archive page, or Store page.

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