Test schema.org Markup Validation

After you enable schema.org types on your site content, you will need to test the generated structured data markup to make sure it’s valid and error free.

Google offers an official Rich Results Test tool that you can use to test your site’s structured data. The testing tool provide you with a list of errors and warnings to help you validate the markup.

You can fire the Structured Data Testing Tool page on your browser and use a direct link to your post or page to test it.

This documentation page explains how to test your page structured data with a simple click.

Test Structured Data Markup

Depending on the targeting location rules you’ve set earlier to configure schema.org types on your website content, if a page or a post has structured data, you can test it by clicking the Schema menu that shows in WordPress admin bar.

Within the WordPress admin bar, hover on Schema menu, and see your options.

Schema structured data testing menu

From the menu, you will see options for testing structured data markup:

1- Rich Results Test

Simply while you are viewing your post or page, click on the Test Link that shows on the WordPress admin bar.

Once you click on the test link, you will be redirected to the Rich Results Test and can view the test results.

Rich Results Test

For some specific types that supports rich snippets, the Rich Results Test tool can provide you with a preview for how your page may look like in live search results on Google search.

Rich Results Test Preview

2- Structured Data Testing Tool

Once you click on that Test Link in admin bar, you will be redirected to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and can view the validation results.

Structured Data Testing Tool

If you see errors in the Structured Data Testing Tools, then you can follow the guidelines instructed by Google to fix them.

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