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The Schema for WooCommerce extension provides integration Schema Premium and WooCommerce plugins in terms of markup.

This extension requires Schema Premium version 1.0.3 and up to work properly.

1- Extension Settings

Schema > Settings > Extensions > WooCommerce Settings

Schema WooCommerce Extension settings page
Extension Settings

A- Configure Schema WooCommerce Settings

In this section of settings you can enable/disable user reviews on Shop page, Category, and Tag archive pages, plus selecting the offer type.

Reviews on Shop Setting

The main Online Shop page of your site includes a list of multiple products, it’s not necessary to include user reviews markup since Google doesn’t show rich snippets for it.

The recommended setting is to disable this option.

However, you can enable this setting since reviews is nested under each product, and not about the page itself.

Reviews on Product Categories and Tags Setting

This is same as Reviews on Shop. Categories and Tags archive pages includes a list of multiple products, it’s not necessary to include user reviews markup since Google doesn’t show rich snippets for it.

The recommended setting is to disable this option.

Variable Product Offer Setting
Schema WooCommerce Settiings
Configure Schema WooCommerce

By default, WooCommerce output AggregateOffer markup that includes high and low prices, but this doesn’t work for Google Merchant, it doesn’t provide enough data about the Product offers.

Set the offer markup type, you can select between:

  • Offer
  • Aggregate Offer

The recommended setting is Offer.

B- Disable WooCommerce Schema output

WooCommerce has its own schema markup for Product, but it gets broken sometimes, you will see errors when you test markup in Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

You can disable the WooCommerce schema output within Schema WooCommerce extension settings, this will remove invalid markup, and leave only valid markup generated by the Schema WooCommerce extension.

In the WooCommerce (enable/disable) schema markup output section, it’s recommended to disable all these settings.

C- Enable ItemList markup on your Store front page

If you would like to output a ItemList markup that includes all products listed on your WooCommerce Shop front page, you can do that by enabling Post Types Archives option is enabled in Schema Premium plugin settings:

Go to Schema > Settings > Schemas > Post Types​​ and enable Post Types Archives setting.​

2- Schema > Type > Product settings

You will need to create Schema Type for Product, and enable it on post type Product, then map properties with values saved by WooCommerce plugin in each Product post meta.

See example below: (click to enlarge)

Mapping properties from WooCommerce plugin
Mapping properties from WooCommerce in Schema > Type > Product

You can map fields like the following:

  • SKU: Using Existing Field > sku
  • Currency: Fixed Text > USD (change that to your store currency)
  • Price: Using Existing Field > price
  • Availability: Using Existing Field > stock status
  • Rating Value: Using Existing Field > wc average rating
  • Review Count: Using Existing Field > wc review count

3- Schema Properties for Product

After you enable the Product type on post type Product, you will see a new post meta box for Schema Properties in the Product edit page.

Schema Properties of Product
Schema Properties of Product

Add the values for Brand, Price Valid Until, and the item Condition.

4- WooCommerce Product Variations

Variable products are a product type in WooCommerce that lets you offer a set of variations on a product, with control over prices, stock, image and more for each variation. They can be used for a product like a shirt, where you can offer a large, medium and small and in different colors.

WooCommerce: Variable Product

The problem with Product Variations in WooCommerce is that it’s missing few fields required by Google Merchant.

Schema for WooCommerce extension will cover these fields and allow you enter values for each product variation. See screenshot below: (click to enlarge)

Schema WooCommerce Variations
WooCommerce Variable Product > Variations


Also, read about WooCommerce built-in integration for additional details.

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