Schema Rating

The Schema Rating extension provides rating star features and structured data for Schema Premium plugin.

Allow users or visits of your website to submit their rating to supported types with the Schema Premium plugin.

This extension requires Schema Premium version 1.0.5 and up to work properly.

1- Extension Settings

Schema > Settings > Extensions > Rating Settings

Schema Rating Settings
Schema Rating Settings

1- Configure Rating Settings

In this section of settings you can configure user ratings, including allow multiple votes, content filtering, and loading CSS styles.

Allow Multiple Votes

This setting tells Schema Rating extension how you want to accept user rating, if set to “No”, it will allow rating only once. This feature checks for user IP address.

Filter Content

This setting allow you to enable/disable content filtering, which automatically displays the rating stars after content of the page.

You can make use of this feature if you want to display the rating stars -for example- using shortcode, or code placed in your Theme template files.

Rating CSS Styles

In some cases, like including CSS styles in a single file, or theme styles, you will want to disable loading rating CSS styles. You can use this setting for that.

2- Enable Rating on Schema > Types

You can enable user rating on several types, we try to add support for more of these through plugin updates.


If you create or use a Schema Type for Product, you can then map properties and set Review Value to “Accept User Rating”.

Schema Rating property value
Accept User Rating

Once you save the Schema Type, you will be able to have your website visitors or users rate your Products, or other content from the front-end.

3- Have Users or Visitors Submit Rating

This is how the User Rating Stars look like:

Example of Schema Rating in content

4- Shortcodes

Schema rating has shortcodes, which you can use to display the Rating Stars, and a Breakdown of ratings.

  • schema-rating-stars
  • schema-rating-breakdown

These shortcodes display something like this:

Star Rating and Breakdown
Star Rating and Breakdown

5- User Rating Logs

Schema Rating extension logs user rating and some other details, like user IP address, device, and browser used.

You can go to Schema > Rating > to view details.

Schema Rating Log
User rating logs
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