Schema FAQ Block

The Schema Faq Block extension adds a new FAQ Block to the Gutenberg Blocks list under Schema section, which allow entering frequently asked questions.

This extension requires Schema Premium version 1.0.7 and up to work properly.

1- Create FAQPage Type

For the FAQ Block to output markup, you need to create a FAQPage type and target your FAQ page or pages on your website.

If this step is skipped, the FAQ Block will still show the FAQ on the page content, but the markup will not be generated for the page.

That’s why this step is required for the markup to be generated for the page when you use the FAQ Block on the targeted content.

2- Adding FAQ Block

The FAQ Block extension once enabled, it will add a new Block to the Gutenberg Blocks list under Schema section.

Schema FAQPage Block add screen

You can use this block to add FAQ where ever you want them to show on the page, and the extension will automatically append the markup.

3- Add Questions and Answers

When you add a new Faq block to the editor, you will see a repeated field that will give you the option to add as many frequently asked questions rows as you like.

4- Preview FAQ Block

You can switch the block to preview mode, in this mode the fields will show on the right sidebar and you will be able to preview your FAQ block while editing it.

Schema FAQPage Block edit mode


Also, read about how to add FAQPage schema markup for additional details.

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