Can I Upgrade from Free to Premium version?

If you are already using the Schema free plugin and would like to upgrade to the Premium version of the plugin, then we’ve put together some instructions to give you hand on this.

Upgrade path

There is no upgrade path between the Free and Premium plugins, these are totally different animals, and takes you to another world.

See a detailed plugin comparison.

However, most of settings in the free plugin can be read by the premium version, except the Schema Types that was created in Schema free, you will need to create them again.

So, if you are using the free Schema plugin, then decided to go premium. You will simply need to configure the plugin again. (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)

Upgrade Steps

Here are simple steps to follow when you upgrade from free to premium:

  1. Important: Deactivate and delete the free Schema plugin (it’s not possible to have both plugins activated on the same website, since this will cause errors.
  2. Install and activate Schema Premium on you WordPress site.
  3. Use the Configuration Wizard to complete settings.
  4. Delete old Schema > Types that was created by Schema Free plugin.
  5. Create new Schema Types and enabled them in Schema Premium.

Follow our detailed documentations for more info.

What about custom coding?

Have you placed any custom coding for Schema Free?

Since Schema Free is extensible and can be extended by filtering output values. Some users took advantage of this possibility to override or customize the markup output.

If this is the case, we recommend that you remove all customizations first, and try to use built-in features included in the Schema Premium plugin. There is a lot more you can do with Schema Premium, and in many cases you won’t need those customization anymore.

We recommend that you test things on a staging site or any test site you have before moving to the production site.

If the plugin can’t fulfill your requirements, something is missing, or you can’t get where you want, please open a support ticket and we will try help you out.

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