Schema WooCommerce – Map Properties

This article is part of Schema for WooCommerce extension documentation.

To Enable markup on WooCommerce products, follow the instructions in this documentation page.

You will need to create Schema for Product, and enable it on post type Product, then map properties with values saved by WooCommerce plugin in each Product post meta.

See example below: (click to enlarge)

Mapping properties from WooCommerce plugin
Mapping properties from WooCommerce in Schema > Type > Product

You can map properties values like the following:

  • SKU: Using Existing Field > sku
  • Currency: Fixed Text > USD (change that to your store currency)
  • Price: Using Existing Field > price
  • Availability: Using Existing Field > stock status
  • Rating Value: Using Existing Field > wc average rating
  • Review Count: Using Existing Field > wc review count

After saving your Product type, you can go ahead and view or test your product structured data in Google Rich Results testing tool.

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