Local Business – Settings

The settings for Schema Local Business are found under Schema → Settings → Extensions →  Local Business.

These settings will allow you to have control over how the Schema Local Business extension works.

Schema Local Business Extension Settings

*A description of each setting will show if you click the “?” icon next to each setting title.

Configure Maps API Key

Google Maps requires a specific Google Maps API key. You may need to register a google API key in order to load a Google Map field on the back-end. ( get one here )

Multiple Departments

If your business has more than one department or location, it’s possible to add structure data to each location.

The Multiple Departments setting allow you to enable/disable multiple departments on your site by registering a new post type schema-departments for departments.

Structured Data

Automatically enable/disable structured data markup on departments pages.

This setting require that you enable permalink settings so that you have an actual page for each department that can be accessed by your website visitors.


When enabled, your business departments will have permalinks and can be accessed publicly by website visitors on the front-end.

Remove front base from permalink structure?

The front base is set on the permalink settings page in the Custom structure field.

If a front base is set ( for example /blog/ ), then enabling this option will remove it from the department permalinks.

Admin Menu

By default, Departments admin menu item show under the main Schema admin menu.

Enabling this setting will show Departments as a top level menu item.

Department Slug

Customize the permalink structure slug for departments custom post type.

Defaults to /departments/

Department Category Slug

Customize the Department Category permalink structure slug.

Defaults to /departments-category/


The permalink slugs must be unique on your site.

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