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Schema Premium version 1.0.5 Prepare for Accepting User Rating

We’ve released Schema Premium version 1.0.5, which includes fixes and enhancements, plus preparing for accept user rating which will be done via Schema Rating extension. What’s new in version 1.0.5? In Schema Premium version 1.0.5, several enhancements has been implemented for markup, including Review and Article. Prepare for accept user rating This exciting feature …

Schema Premium Licenses

Schema Premium version 1.0.4 Includes Person Markup

Today, we’ve released Schema Premium version 1.0.4, which covers fixes for several schema markups, and also introduce support for schema Person. What’s new in version 1.0.4? In Schema Premium version 1.0.4, several enhancements has been implemented for markup, including JobPosting, LocalBusiness, Service, Recipe, and VideoObject. Support for Person markup Also, we’ve added support for …

Schema Premium Licenses

Schema Premium version 1.0.3 Fixes Markup and Enhancements

We’ve released the new Schema Premium version 1.0.3, which covers fixes for LocalBusiness, JobPosting, and Product markups. What’s new in version 1.0.3? In Schema Premium version 1.0.3, several modifications and changes has been done, mostly enhancements for markup. So, make sure to keep the plugin up to date. Documentation We’ve updated our Premium Docs …

Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg and The Future of Schema Plugin

As announced; we are expecting WordPress 5.0 to be released today, Thursday 6th of December, 2018. WordPress 5.0 will be shipped with the Gutenberg plugin. This considered to be one of the biggest updates happened to WordPress. What is Gutenberg? This new editor has been named after Johannes Gutenberg, a German publisher who introduced printing to Europe with the …

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